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A New Benefit of Emu Oil for Cancer Patients


Researchers in Australia have found a new benefit of emu oil for cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy.


The list of the therapeutic benefits of emu oil keeps growing. Research at the University of Adelaide has determined that pure emu oil can help in treating a wide variety of bowel diseases, including the intestinal damage that is often caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

Emu oil is obtained by rendering the fat of the large emu bird. The reported benefits of emu oil were significant even before this finding; now studies confirm emu oil's anti-inflammatory properties and show that the oil can actually help to repair bowel tissue damage from various causes.

Laboratory experiments conducted by physiology PhD student Suzanne Abimosleh have found that emu oil helps to accelerate the cell repair process in the bowel by stimulating the growth of intestinal crypts. The crypts are the portion of the intestine that produced the villi, a mechanism responsible for food absorption within the bowel. Longer villi and crypts mean a healthier bowel that is better able to absorb and process food.

Gastrointestinal tract disorders like inflammatory bowel disease and chemotherapy-induced mucositis are connected with food malabsorption, inflammation and ulceration of the lining of the bowel. The unpredictable effectiveness of treatments for these issues shows a need to look for other more innovative approaches. Emu oil has already shown promise in treating inflammation and tissue damage and in promoting healing, and its benefits for bowel health only add to its efficacy.

Gordon Howarth, the lead researcher in the study, confirms that the next step is clinical trials, which could include patients suffering from conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. The University of Adelaide is optimistic that pure emu oil could be very helpful on this front. Howarth confirmed that the laboratory studies show emu oil is having a definite effect in reducing the symptoms of bowel-related conditions and enhancing intestinal recoveries.

These recent developments are more positive news for cancer patients who are already using topical emu oil lotions and pure emu oil to address skin issues caused by other cancer treatments like radiation. Indeed, the benefits of emu oil are proving to be a therapeutic balm for cancer patients seeking relief during this difficult time in life.